netgear WNR3500L - new wireless n gigabit router to work with tomato!

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by kabar, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. kabar

    kabar LI Guru Member


    i just found this:

    i just cant describe how excited i am about this. as producer says:

    * Open-source Wireless-N router with Gigabit wired ports for Linux developers and open-source enthusiasts.
    * Open-source community website and development Partner program with downloadable applications, user guide, forums, blogs and downloads at
    * High Performance Broadcom 480 MHz MIPS® 74K CPU, 8 MB Flash and 64 MB RAM to even run business-class applications
    * Popular Linux Firmware-DD-WRT, Open-WRT and Tomato available on Open-source community website
    * NEW Development Partner Program-development partnership with several 3rd party software vendors to develop custom applications on WNR3500L. Please visit to join the partner program and see the custom applications that are released or under development.

    price - about 140$

    but theres one thing - would tomato support wireless N? hope so :) cheers
  2. jan.n

    jan.n LI Guru Member

  3. kabar

    kabar LI Guru Member

    bah, sorry... didnt niticed that one
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