Networking Macintosh and Dell

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by GT9450, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. GT9450

    GT9450 Guest

    I want to set up a network between a desktop (Dell) and a Mac(Ibook). The problem is the the Mac loses it's connection to the internet when it is in a different room of the house. Please help. Thank you. :shock: I am using WAP54G v.5
  2. grmack

    grmack Network Guru Member

    Can you post more info on the problem?

    Please post more info on the problem. Is your iBook getting a wireless signal at all in the "other" room? Can the iBook see the Dell when they are in the "same" room. In other words, does everything work fine when they are both connected to your LAN? If so, then the only problem you're having is a wireless connectivity issue when you get to far way from your wireless access point. That can be solved a lot of different ways depending on what's causing the drop off. Try installing MacStumbler or iStumbler and see what kind of signal you're getting depending on where you are.
  3. jlande37

    jlande37 Network Guru Member

    mac DHCP problems

    Is it losing the connection or completely knocking it out? If it knocks out the signal when you conncet the mac then I have had similar problems although it was a slightly different setup. Unfortunately I lost the link, but supposedly there is a problem with the OS X DHCP server. If the mac just knocks out the connection try setting a static ip address for the mac. That solution worked for me.
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