[New]Emule question and Best Project Firmware for WRT54G?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by NEOo, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. NEOo

    NEOo Network Guru Member


    what is the best firmware made by a project like hyperwrt or Sveasoft Satori?

    im using the hyperwrt 2.0b4 and all seems to work great.

    and i like to know from you all what you think is the best firmware for high speed and stable internet for the WRT54G

    so what your opinion?
  2. u3gyxap

    u3gyxap Network Guru Member

    If you are looking for high speed, especialy on the wireless side - then HyperWRT is your choice. If you are looking for a firmware with lots a features and extras, then Alchemy and the forks from her will be a better choice.
  3. NEOo

    NEOo Network Guru Member

    im not using the wireless really often so that's not really the point.

    im just looking for a firmware for a fast and stable internet connection.
    whats the best choice?
  4. Couledouce

    Couledouce Network Guru Member

    My advice, stick with the Linksys firmware, unless you really want to do something special which is offerred in all the other flavours.
  5. NEOo

    NEOo Network Guru Member


    i have the v2 eu version.

    can i use the new us firmware's without problems?
  6. Couledouce

    Couledouce Network Guru Member

  7. Plunder

    Plunder Network Guru Member

    I have done the switch from the EU version 2.02.7 to the US version 3.03.6 without any problem
  8. NEOo

    NEOo Network Guru Member

    i have the latest us firmware now.

    i dont know of i can do this but i have another question:

    and i use emule to download stuff

    and now i have forwarded the ports that emule needs to my ip
    and for my brother the same.
    we have differend ports so that nog it,
    but it looks like we cant connect to the same server???
    and emule says then that i have a low id...
    but when my brother disconnect emule i get the high id....

    someone who know an sollution?
  9. NEOo

    NEOo Network Guru Member

  10. Partizan

    Partizan Network Guru Member

    you both have the same external IP (only your internal IPs ared differen), so eMule server thinks you are trying to connect twice on one computer.

    Regards, Partizan
  11. NEOo

    NEOo Network Guru Member

    so do you know how to solve this?
  12. digitaltpt

    digitaltpt Network Guru Member

    Just change the ports of emule on one computer and connect to diferent server You made this and you will have aways HIid :)
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