New firmware 4.91 for WET54GS5 - WPA-PSK now works!

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by le_Chat, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. le_Chat

    le_Chat Network Guru Member

    OK so the new firmware is out... and WPA-PSK TKIP is fixed !

    We all know that WPA is irremediably broken in 4.85. It was partially fixed in 4.90beta, though 4.90beta had some issues with broadcasts handling in WPA.

    Now the real scoop is that it looks like it's FIXED in 4.91, which is officially released.

    Specifically, I tested "v.4.91, March 03, 2005" . I've been running 4.91 for 2 days now with WPA-PSA TKIP with a 600 seconds (the minimum) key renewal interval and it works great.

    I have a WRT54G as access point and a Thinkpad on the network - all interact fine with the WET54GS5 now !!

    So all of you WET54GS5 users... go upgrade !!!

    Changelog follows :

    Version 4.91 02/24/2005 Fixed WPA TKIP Pre-share special ASCII key character,then couldn't correct setting.
    Fixed WEP 64 special passphrase key,could be the device reset to factory default setting.
    Fixed reset to factory's default seting,then web server couldn't be correct working.

    Version 4.90 12/09/2004 Add support ETSI mode channel support
    Fixed WPA TKIP Pre-share authentication,exchange share key connect fail issue
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