new minidlna version released

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by rs232, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. rs232

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  2. spookyneo

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    Great thanks. Hopefuly this will resolve our PS3 playback issue...
  3. rs232

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    FYI I have a Samsung 66xx TV and have never found a nearly decent DLNA server software no matter how much I looked around. MiniDLNA I have to admit is the less worst and somehow it works,

    Looking up in Internet apart from the latest release 1.0.20 I've also found a working(!!) 1.0.19 patched for samsung TV.

    For working I mean it does support chaptering and it has an option to build mta data when rebuilding the database and not on the fly as per default. This latter function is good for slow devices such as routers.

    If you do have a Samsung DLNA TV and use the minidlna I suggest you give it a go with this patched version!

    The minidlna 1.0.19 + samsung patch statically compiled can be downloaded here:

    Any additional info please refer to these pages:

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