New To WiFi - WAP54g + WAP+ WIN XP = Error?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by HoR, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. HoR

    HoR Guest

    Hi, I have 5 computers in my home. All were wired until recently. I recieved 2 54g PCMCIA cards for my 2 laptops. I also got a hold of a WAP54g and i connected it to my existing "Linksys Stack" (BEFCMU10 & BEFSR41) It runs great except when I enable WAP 64/128 encryption.

    When security is enabled both my laptops refuse to connect. I've copied the security key so I could copy and paste it into the network settings and have retried making keys and such for a few hours and nothing seems to be helping. I searched google and other forums for answers but nothing seems to answer so here I am. I really need to use security because my neighbors are evil and use my connection to help their filesharing habits.

    I hear the WRT54g is a good choice as well... however putting in 2 routers maybe trouble??? Im not sure. Any help is appreciated.

    Im using Windows XP Pro with SP2.
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