New user having lots of difficulties with WRT54G v.3

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by sharpem, May 14, 2005.

  1. sharpem

    sharpem Network Guru Member

    Hi, there...

    Having recently joined this forum, I hope to find help with a current situation involving a WRT54G router.

    I purchased the router last night, however I've run into serious problems each time I've attempted to connect it. When I connect my cable modem directly to the CPU, the direct line produces a speedy and a reliable connection. However, when I setup the connection through the router, the cable connection immediately drops and I'm left with nothing. The modem just sits there attempting to startup again, but goes nowhere. Each time I connect it, it's the same thing - regardless of the order that I power-on the router/modem/CPU.

    On the odd occasion that it does stay connected, the speed is borderline dial-up and hardly worth the trouble (and then it disconnects about 2min later).

    I spoke to various Linksys reps today for just under 2 hours, but ultimately got nowhere. One told me that Linksys routers weren't compatible with my ISP's (Cogeco) modems, but after speaking to a Cogeco rep, they quickly dismissed that claim (Cogeco uses a variety of modems and has numerous customers using Linksys routers and other products).

    I stumbled across this forum in search of an answer, then downloaded a firmware upgrade, but it changed nothing (other than lighting up the Cisco logo). I've also tried adjusting the MTU setting to 1400, but nothing there, either.

    My system details are as follows:

    On the network: A desktop PC running WinXP SP2 (wired) and a PowerBook running OSX (wireless).
    The router: Linksys WRT54G v.3
    The cables: All connections are with RJ45, none with USB.
    My ISP: Cogeco Cable

    If anyone could help with this problem, I'd really appreciate it. It's really frustrating shelling out over $100 CAD for a router that knocks out the connection each it's hooked up.

    Thanks very much!
  2. aaronamd

    aaronamd Network Guru Member

    it's quite possible that the cable modem is an all in one box that has dhcp enabled, like those westell things,try disableing the dhcp server on the WRT or set it to a different subnet.
  3. sharpem

    sharpem Network Guru Member

    Thanks very much. I've disabled the DHCP server and things seem to be moving forward.

    I appreciate the help! Next time I'll know where to come, particularly when compared to spending hours on a tech support line that keeps asking "Are you sure you've powered on your modem?"

  4. aaronamd

    aaronamd Network Guru Member

    when calling tech support next time you may want to ask for a level 3 tech or their highest level tech, the other ones just have a sheet that they read to you to solve common things......
  5. sharpem

    sharpem Network Guru Member

    Spoke too soon...

    After disabling the DHCP server, as suggested, my problem seemed remedied and I was able to access the Internet through the router, although not through the laptops (which showed excellent signal strength, but no Internet connection).

    In order to help fix the laptop problem, I powered down the cable modem and router, as well as all 3 computers. Upon reconnecting, I'm now encountering the same problem as before, despite the fact that my DHCP server is disabled.

    Any suggestions on this?
  6. aaronamd

    aaronamd Network Guru Member

    ok, do you know the cable modem's IP address? if so turn off it's dhcp server or give all of the clients a static IP.
  7. sharpem

    sharpem Network Guru Member

    I assume the modem's IP address is the IP I'm assigned when I hook it up through a direct connection?

    Also, I'm not entirely sure how to go about disabling the modem's DHCP server, or creating static IP's within the router (do they follow the local network suffix - - or the ISP's -

    Thanks again for all your help in this matter, it's much appreciated!
  8. aaronamd

    aaronamd Network Guru Member

    no, the modems address would not be the ip you assigned, what brand/model is it?
    to create a static IP go to Control panel--->network connections--->defualt(or something like that--->properties--->TCP/IP--->and then enter in your network config
  9. sharpem

    sharpem Network Guru Member


    It's an RCA: Digital Broadband - DCM425

    When I setup my network settings, however, should I use the ISP-assigned IP as my static address?

    Adjusting anything with the router, itself, might be difficult for now, as whenever I attempt to connect to it I receive the message "Connection refused by".

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