New VLAN 4K feature allow for non-consecutive numbers?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Urs Rau, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Urs Rau

    Urs Rau Reformed Router Member

    I read that some of teaman's and toastman's and shibby's mods include new support for a full use of the 4k VLAN tags 1 - 4095, using an offset value that defines the start of VLAN numbers.

    So an offset of 128 gives the first VLAN vid to be 128. That is great, but does that mean the only limitation is that the offset has to be divisible by 16 and after that any non-cpnsecutive VLAN vid can be used or is it strictly consecutive numbers after the offset?

    In other words, can I do 4 VLANs with vid >=15

    for example
    vlan1 = 128
    vlan2 = 144
    vlan3 = 160
    vlan4 = 168

    or can it only do
    vlan1 = 128
    vlan2 = 129
    vlan3 = 130
    vlan4 = 131

    Which is it?
  2. M_ars

    M_ars Network Guru Member

    i think the second, at least i understand it that way...
  3. Malitiacurt

    Malitiacurt Networkin' Nut Member


    16 consecutive VID's with offsets in multiples of 16 up to 4095.
  4. PetervdM

    PetervdM Network Guru Member

    not entirely correct i think, the highest vlan number may not exceed 4095.
    from the shibby interface:
    "(range: 0 - 4080; must be a multiple of 16; set to 0 to disable)"
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