No DHCP versus DHCP

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by makan, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. makan

    makan Network Guru Member

    I've currently set up my WLAN with DHCP disabled. There's 3 computers using the network, and they're all connected to the internet via the wireless connection. This is how my current set up looks like:

    I've configured the network this way, because I can't get an internet connection when I turn on DHCP and plug the cable from the Netopia into the Internet-plug in the WRT54G. And I have no clue why it won't work. I've turned on "Obtain an IP address automatically". I've tried both straight and crossed network cable.
    I do get connected to the WRT54G, and every computer gets their unique IP-address, but the Wireless Network Monitor says the internet cannot be found. This is how I try to set up the WLAN with DHCP enabled:

    I'm wondering, is there any advantages I'm missing when DHCP is turned off? And any ideas why the internet is missing with DHCP enabled? Have I plugged the cables the way they're supposed to be connected?
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