No internet connection with WAG54G after firmware upgrade

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Pastapvz, May 10, 2005.

  1. Pastapvz

    Pastapvz Network Guru Member

    Hello there, i have a problem my WAG does not connect to the internet anymore.... since i upgraded my firmware i got the following message " Can not connect to PPoE server"...i tried other firmwares and i get the same message, i allready pressed the reset button for 30 seconds and nothing!!! my model is a V1.2 and the original Sof was 1.01.6 from Feb 09 the way i'm from Portugal, don't know if there is a specific firmware for my country!!!! :)

    if anyone can help me out it would be appreciated!!!!

    Sérgio Silva
  2. kungperra

    kungperra Network Guru Member

    same thing for me! I was guided through linksys support to a UK version (live in sweden) and after this upgrade it cant connect to the internet no more... I have been online with chat several times now and it seems hopeless, I will try the beta version here if that might help.
    I have gone back to a version where it worked before but that doesnt helt either!

    the version that messed it up was wag54g_annexa_etsi_v1.02.1

    Anyone fixed such a problem?

  3. Pastapvz

    Pastapvz Network Guru Member


    i just got mine to work...i tried the older version 1.01.7_0304 and it did the trick for me....the latest versions didn't work at all!!! so test this one or the one that came with your WAG... 1.01.6

    tell me if it worked for you.....

  4. ventor

    ventor Guest

    Re: No internet connection with WAG54G after firmware upgrad

    I had the same problem, and resolve it.
    In this case I suggest you to try change the MTU ot pppoe connection.
    The default MTU is 1500, in most of cases the PPPOE Server use MTU:1492 byte and MRU:1492.
    I change th MTU to 1440, after reboot my router is connect with no problem

    My router is:
    wrt54G v2.2 firmware (Sveasoft.Firmware.Alchemy.pre7a)
    I use Wireless outdoor equipmemt for connection to my ISP

    Good Luck
  5. booly

    booly Network Guru Member

    What is the version you've used to upgrade you device ??
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