No internet E-tech adsl router switch & Linksys wireless

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by JumpingJack, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. JumpingJack

    JumpingJack Network Guru Member

    Situation:E-ech adsl router/switch connected to internet. On switch 2 pc 's and Linksys WRTG54 with internet. 1 pc tries to connect to internet by linksys(wireless).

    both the e-tech connected pc 's are able to go to the internet. When I connect a notebook by cable to the linksys I can go to the internet. The PC with the wireless card is making connection to the linksys and I am able to ping the e-tech router. The linksys software says "connected to the network,but can not connect to the internet."

    What am I doing wrong, what setting do I have to make or isn 't it possible to connect the two routers in this way? The reason is that one router is at the house of familymember and the other router is at his neigbours house. I suppose when I install a simple wireless router/switch without internet connector that it is working.
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Normally you connect the the WRT54G by one of its LAN ports to a LAN port of the router that is the Gateway to the Interner. You set the WAN port to be DHCP client and you disable the DHCP server on the WRT54G, and you set the Local address of the WRT54G not to conflict with the Gateway router and you save your setting. You set your SSID, channel and encrytion and you save your setting. Do not bother with MAC Address filtering. You go to advanced routing and change the setting to Router instead of Gateway and save your setting. You power cycle the WRT54G. You should be able to connect to any of the three remaining LAN ports and wireless at this point, if your wireless NIC is configured to the same setting of the WRT54G>
  3. JumpingJack

    JumpingJack Network Guru Member

    No internet by wireless

    The router setting might be an option.

    I have disabled dhcp on the linksys and the e-tech is giving adresses. That is working because the wireless PC had an adress.
    Dhcp by e-tech
    PC( able to internet(connected by cable to e-tech)
    PC( able to internet(connected by cable to e-tech)
    Notebook( able to internet(connected by cable tot linksys)
    PC( able to internet(connected wireless to linksys)


    The problem is that it is not a router of my own I will go there on saturday again and try to solve the problem. The more information the better

    Can I disable the internet options in some way?
    I do not use the linksys to connect directly to the internet that is done by the e-tech.
    The cabel from e-tech to linksys is now connected in one of the LAN ports not to the internet port.
  4. JumpingJack

    JumpingJack Network Guru Member

    We did not manage to get the connection working. Has someone got some tips?
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