Nocatsplash : segmentation fault

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by atriou, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. atriou

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    I test dd-wrt v23 03/11/05 for wrt54gs (1.1) version.

    So I try to configure nocatsplash :
    /etc # cat nocat.conf
    InternalDevice br0
    ExternalDevice vlan1
    ExcludePorts 25
    Verbosity 0
    GatewayName WRT54G
    LoginTimeout 86400
    DocumentRoot /jffs/nocat
    SplashTimeout 900
    RouteOnly 0
    SplashForm splash.html
    StatusForm status.html
    GatewayMode Open
    FirewallPath /usr/libexec/nocat

    Previously, I enable jffs and stock my splash.html in /jffs/nocat. No problem.

    My problem is "splashd" doesn't run and when I want to run it manually, I have this message :
    ~ # splashd
    Segmentation fault

    I don't understand how to debug with "/tmp/services.out" (which command to use "cat"?).

    However thanks a lot BrainSlayer for this great firmware.

    I hope your help...
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