Not sure what I can do with this router? Needs Tinkering

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by MiguelLavalear, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. MiguelLavalear

    MiguelLavalear Network Guru Member

    Yeah, whats the overall deal with the WAG range of routers?

    From what I can gather, theres Annex A and B and Version 1.x and Version 2.x of these routers. From reading threads, theres a lot of problems with one of these versions.

    Now i heard that the old linux gpl thing allows us to upgrade our routers. Is this the case with the WAG? Im thinking not. Someone posted here that the sources have only just been released. So is it possible to upgrade?

    Also, whats the latest firmware version? At the moment I have 1.00.19. From jsut looking around this seems to be old yet Linksys tout it as the latest version.

    Finally, is it actually possible to mess with the firewall and set multiple ports for the QoS. I like the fact that both are there but they are too restrictive I feel. The QoS wont allow you to do port ranges and it seems to make little difference on the actual reponse time of certain apps such as ssh and net radio.

    A lot of questions I know. I've been looking arounf the forums but it seems a little confusing given the various versions of this and that.

    Cheers :)
  2. dribble

    dribble Network Guru Member

    Annex A are for Europe (usually) and the version will depend on the model you bought.

    V1.x or V2.x will be labelled on the bottom of the box on a small silver sticker.
    (Version 1.2 etc...)
    Otherwise the packaging that the router came in should tell you (ADSL2 = Version 2)

    Version 2 is linux based (as far as I have heard) so upgrades might be a little different form the original V1.x. V1.x allows you to perform an upgrade from the GUI interface. I suggest that you use a "wired" pc, just incase the signal drops.

    Going on the Firmware version you have quoted I would say thats a V2 router (like mine). Doesnt appear Linksys have release any newer code, as I think V2 modems are very new.

    With regards to the QOS, I am also looking at investigating that option, bare in mind the box is already performing numerous tasks, you dont want to be giving it too much to think about :)

    Hope that helps?

  3. MiguelLavalear

    MiguelLavalear Network Guru Member

    Yeah, thats a great help. thanks for that :)

    As i figured, mine is a version 2 router and as you said, they do seem new. At the moment, its giving me beef with what essentially amounts to a bad service so i was checking to see if there were any upgrades. You say V2 is a linux based one? I hope you are right. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

    QoS is exactly what i want from a router. You'd think it would be simple but it appears not. Ah well, no luck doing any routing with a mac mini! lol! :D

    Again, cheers for the headsup.
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