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NSLU2 admin/user pw issue after FW update

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by stilllife, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. stilllife

    stilllife Guest

    Afternoon. First post here. I found you guys are trolling throgh loads to find info on this product. It is a great little item but after installing the latestest FW to now enable me to keep my attached devices as ntfs/fat 32 I seem to have developed a bug. I will not allow me to change the admin pw. comes up with an error saying there is no ext3 drive attached an users/groups/shares will not be enabled (or close as i can remember sitting here at work). No matter what I try an do to change the pw to it reverts back to the standard user/pw.

    Has anyone gotten round this issue with the new fw update. I would like to keep this device but if its not secure (even only my my lan) I am not sure I want to keep it.

    THank you for any/all info in advance.

  2. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    That isn't a bug. That is the way it works. Ext3 is native to the NSLU2. If you don't have an ext3 drive connected to it, none of the group/share/ PW features will work on the non-native formats.

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