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NSLU2 out-growing the drive...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by badassz34, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. badassz34

    badassz34 LI Guru Member

    Time to upgrade the HDD's I'm using on my NSLU2. How do I do this without losing data?

    Found it while reading into doc for other linksys nas devices.
    Step 1: Want bigger disk
    Step 2: Buy bigger disk
    Step 3: Choose to use new disk as disk1 or disk2
    Step 4a: If new disk is your new backup disk, then replace backup disk, start slug, format new disk and setup backup routine. Run backup and you're done. If new disk is your new 'working' disk, continue.
    Step 4b: You ran the backup with the new disk as disk2, right? Now plug new, uber-huge disk into disk1 port. It's got your files. Take old disk and relegate to backup duty as disk2, or format ntfs, load with malware and leave in public place. :p

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