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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by martin_b, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. martin_b

    martin_b LI Guru Member

    Just installed newest DD-WRT on my WRT54G 2.2 to see if that is more stable than Thibor 15c.

    1) Often I have to try some 2-7 times to acces the web-interface, ie. I have to type and then hit refresh a couple of times until I can acces the interface. Is this normal?

    2) I am almost certain that I found an option in DD-WRT to set the router to automatically restart eg. every day at 3 in the morning. But now I can't find this option anywhere?! I remember that a prerequisite for this to work was to have CRON and NTP enabled, I have enabled both.

    3) I enabled NTP and typed my ISP's ntp-server IP, but the time is still not set in the router, and there seems to me nowhere to set the time manually. Only "use local time" which also doesn't do anything.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Mastec

    Mastec Network Guru Member

    Did you do a 30 second reset after the flash?
  3. martin_b

    martin_b LI Guru Member

    Mastec: yep. Here, a couple of days since the flash, I must say that the DD-WRT is the most unstable firmware I've used on the WRT. Sadly it seems that no matter which firmware, the WRT is not rock stable for wireless connections.
  4. Mastec

    Mastec Network Guru Member

    What version are you using? I have v24 dated 8/3/07 and its plenty stable on my wrt54g v3 and hp-g54. As it says in my signature I have them in WDS mode running flawlessly. Maybe try upgrading...
  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    My past experience with the WRT54G and GS are they are VERY stable with 3rd party firmwares. Thibor and Tomato seem the best for stability. if you cannot access the web interface then I suggest there is something not right with your PC that your using.

    Antivirus, Anti Spyware and security software can affect local LAN devices, make sure your software (if possible) does not scan the Web interface of your WRT54G's IP Address.

    best to test what is affecting it but disabling any firewall, anti blocking software first of all. if your experiencing the problem with different 3rd party firmwares, then the problem will lay elsewhere.

    also have a look at Wireless Signal Tweaking
  6. martin_b

    martin_b LI Guru Member

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I am starting to become afraid that we're going to have to spend the money to buy some pro wireless routers of some sort. I have been struggling in a year (wireless is not THAT important at work..) to get the WLAN stable, and I have both an old GS and this WRT54G 2.2 that I'm currently using. Both have not been able to hold a steady wireless connection, with all kinds of firmwares. Although I may try Tomato, which I haven't yet.

    Also, something seems to indicate that I am in a place where there is too much interference generally. There are about 7 different WLAN's visible from anywhere at work, so there is a lot of competition in the air-waves. Will some really expensive gear be better at all? What are your thoughts. I'm starting to give it up here and wait and implement some other wireless standard when it becomes available :)
  7. cgondo

    cgondo Network Guru Member

    use the 5GHz band.....ie....802.11a
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