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Numerous WRV54G Issues

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Lucky #7, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Lucky #7

    Lucky #7 LI Guru Member

    I am the "computer guy" in a small office running on a wireless network. I am trying to set up VPN access on a WRV54G. Thus far, it has been an unsuccessful venture. Reading the forums I have noticed that this particular router has some issues and can be difficult. Being new to VPN, that makes it even more of a chore for me.

    All of our computers are XP SP2. Some are HOME and some Professional. We'd like our guys to be able to access the shared hard drive from the road and at home when need be. I have the installed the most recent firmware from the linksys site and downloaded the newest Quick VPN utility (1.0.40)from here.

    Now, on to the questions:

    1. When I use the VPN client it kills my internet connection, which stays dead even after I exit the program. I can connect to the router, but that is all I can do. It doesn't affect the whole network and nothing I do on my machine fixes the problem (i.e. restart, repair, nothing). I have to reset the router. Is there a setting I am missing that could be causing this?

    2. That said, I have been forced to try to test the VPN connection from the same router that I am connecting to as I have no other options when I am at work. From within the office, I have been able to connect, but unable to do anything else and when I updated to 1.0.40, it now says the gateway is inactive, but my light stays green. When I am at home, on a WRT54G, it stops at connecting and gives me the Incorrect Password, etc. pop up and still kills my internet connection. Is there a setting that I am missing?

    3. Are there any settings, other than enabling the VPN, that I need to be setting up? All of the IPs have already been changed from their original 192.168.1.x addresses. I have read conflicting reports as to whether or not IPSec Pass through and the like need to be enabled or disabled. Does remote management have to be enabled?

    4. Assuming that I am finally able to get connected, how do the IP addresses of computers on our network change? Will I need to set up the addresses of computers we want to access as static? Currently we are dynamic within the network and with regards to the WAN.

    5. Not the same problem, but have there been any fixes with regards to the wireless dropping out periodically? It wreaks occasional havoc when we are trying to save things.

    6. Is all of this worth the man hours or would I be better off finding a new VPN router? If that is the case, are there any that anyone would recommend for a small office that needs wireless access?
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

  3. cactusfazer

    cactusfazer Network Guru Member

    My office have WRV54G V2.39.3e EU and me a WRV200 V1.0.24ETSI. VPN between the 2 routers work well in IPSEC and Quick VPN 1.40. If the IPSEC is down, i can use quick VPN for connecting. I have some problem when i use PC that have more than one lan IP(2 network card or one card and usb modem): i have to disable one because the Quick VPN alway use the bad IP !!
    Look on the log of the Quick VPN to see the IP it take.
    When you are connected on a VPN, you can access the WRV54G even if remote is not enabled !! but not with WRV200.
    Don't forget to put the good MTU size because on the WRV54G, it's very important for connecting VPN IPSEC.
    For Wifi, no problem.
    In 3 week, i have to put another WRV200 and i can see if conection in IPSEC is better beetween WRV200-WRV54G or WRV200-WRV200.
  4. Lucky #7

    Lucky #7 LI Guru Member

    Where can I find that firmware? I didn't see any backdated firmware on the linksys site.
  5. Lucky #7

    Lucky #7 LI Guru Member

    Nevermind, I found it.
  6. cactusfazer

    cactusfazer Network Guru Member

    Is it ok with this firmware?
  7. Lucky #7

    Lucky #7 LI Guru Member

    I haven't gotten a chance to load it yet. We've been fairly busy around the office and the opportunity has not presented itself to take the network down for a few minutes. I'll report back once I get it done.
  8. cactusfazer

    cactusfazer Network Guru Member

    Don't forget to do a hard reset and don't use the backup parameters: do it manually.
  9. Lucky #7

    Lucky #7 LI Guru Member

    Looking at some of the info from our ISP, I may have left out some key information.

    The router is behind a T1 line that has router IP listed on our sheet. The possible LAN IPs listed on this same sheet correspond to the WRV54Gs WAN IPs. Do I need to find out how to configure the T1 modem to let the VPN pass through or is this not an issue?

    Our ISP is Logix Communications.
  10. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    As long as your T1 modem is "not" a router/gateway device, you should not have to.
  11. Lucky #7

    Lucky #7 LI Guru Member

    It turns out that it was and I had them bridge the IP and set a static public IP for us. As soon as I get a chance to test it, I'll let you know how it goes. Quick VPN still kills my internet connection though.

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