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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by 3dogs, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. 3dogs

    3dogs Network Guru Member

    I installed 1.4 today. I want to use it with an Omni antenna. HyperWRT website's FAQs says:

    Which setting is optimal for the Antenna Select?
    If you use the standard antenna's, it's best to leave the settings at 'Auto'.
    You should only change these settings when using 1 antenna.
    TX is Transmitting Antenna and RX is Receiving Antenna, for left/right antenna look at the rear of the device.

    I'm looking for more detailed instructions. Which side do i attached the antenna to (Left or right)? Is that looking from the front or back?

    What RX setting or the TX setting is best (Left, Right or Auto)?

  2. Smoky

    Smoky Network Guru Member

    well it says look from the REAR of the device so i guess you look at it from the back,and your power isnt gonna matter if you choose left or right but what does matter is if your within fcc regulations how many dbi is the antenna? and what do you have the tx transmit power set too? last thing ya want is the fcc knocking on your door lol heres a good site to read up on!OpenView&RestrictToCategory=FCC%20Part%2015

    also if you have 1 antenna its best to turn off one ot the antennas and just use one since you only have one omni antenna :)
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