Optimim settings for noob with a WRT54G v.2

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by flocker, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. flocker

    flocker Network Guru Member

    Okay, the truth is I'm an expat yankee living in Hamburg, Germany. I've had a SMC2804WBR for 18 months and have always had range problems in my house. It's a small row-house but with thich stone construction. For various reasons, the router is mounted on the ceiling in the basement.

    So, I read about the WRT54G and notice it's 40 bux at BestBuy. So my friend Marty arrives this morning with my new toy...fortunately I have a spare 12volt, 1 amp European power adapter...I'm up and running iin no time. I install Alchemy and boost the power to 250 (251 max). I notice some improvement but still very weak signal all the way upstairs in the guest room (3 stone floors and on an angle).

    Please advise...what are the ideal settings for this device to maximize range? Also, If I can't do more, is it possible to put my SMC back on the basement ceiling then place the WRT54G somewhere on the second floor as a bridge or range extender? How exactly would I do this?
  2. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    well pushing it all the way upto 251mw canb really damadge the router. go back down and start with 100mw. then work your way to untill you hit a number that works for you. becuase when i set my router(s) upto 251mw i have stablility problems and i have heat problems and i lose a lot of range. i found out that for me 120mw is just perfect becuase that is the most i can get out of the router. this does not hold true for all the linksys WRT54G's routers.

    well as for doing a bridge i have never worked with SMC. i dont know if it does support bridging. but what you can do is get another WRT54G router and you can do bridging between the 2 WRT54G routers you have.
    here is a guide for a wds connection.
  3. JackHambabo

    JackHambabo Network Guru Member

    Hi, I try wpa over wds for 2 wrt54g and 1 smc2804wbr. However I won't get the smc into the network. The wrt do their job for 6 month now.
    I read here
    the following
    "[16:11] <Beirdo> of course, now I have 2 WRT54G, 1 SMC2804WBR and 1 WAP11"
    He uses openwrt and got some bin file send by someone, I however don't know what he got.

    Anyone here, who got a smc into a wds network of wrt54gs?

    Thanks alot,

    PS: I don't even manage to but this SMC into client mode. I can't find that option.
    PPS: my SMC 2804 wbr firmware is
    Runtime Code Version: V1.00.018
    Boot Code Version: V0.00.06
    (current seems 1.00.020, 0.18 is not mentioned on the homepage 0.15 is)
    My wrt firmware is dd-wrt 22prefinal 4.
    I turned of the nitro-g feature of the smc and put "longranged mixed network" to "mixed network" (or actually I tried both settings).

    Thanks again
  4. danielhaden

    danielhaden Network Guru Member

    Well, 126 is about the limit for an AP-to Client connection. Even if you put a booster antenna on the client, it is unlikely that it can respond with the equal force necessary to make connection--but it is possible. Maybe the Hawking Corner Reflect antenna on the client device can give the needed boost on the client side.

    As far as the wireless router goes, just aim the broad side, not tip of the antennas at the client. No signal comes out of the base or tip of the antenna. You may wish to put one antenna at a right angle to the other antenna in order to insure coverage. Some experimentation on antenna positioning may be necessary.

    Likewise, aim the client's antenna at the wireless router, with the broadside (not tip) facing the wireless router. Use the exact same orientation if possible.

    Put a doughnut or bagel onto the center of one of the wireless router's antennas. Now you can see the signal pattern. You can now remove the doughnut or bagel.
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