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optware PHP 5.6.0. Cross-compiled for arm

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by alllexx, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. alllexx

    alllexx Reformed Router Member

    After some struggling I managed to upgrade optware PHP package to v5.6.0. Here're pre-compiled packages for mbwe-bluering feed, which can be used with tomato-arm routers:

    Note that php-gd extension requires libgd 2.1.0, so I had to upgrade it as well. If you need this extension, you'll have to install the upgraded version as well. No idea whether it will cause conflict for other packages that depend on libgd, though.

    Here're the files that I modified to get it to work:


    See these files attached (unzip sources.zip).


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  2. alllexx

    alllexx Reformed Router Member

    I added some more php extensions. zip, gmp and intl, to be more specific. Together with missing dependencies libzip and icu. Now it appears we have all we need for ownCloud 7. I'll test it soon on my NAS, since I don't use my router as a web server.

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  3. alllexx

    alllexx Reformed Router Member

    I fixed intl php extension and also added creating php-fcgi package to the main php makefile. If you want to compile this yourself, remove make/php-fcgi.mk prior to doing so.
    On lighttpd+ssl+php-fcgi ownCloud 7 reports all's fine on the initial screen, however after creating admin user I get stuck on endless redirect loop. I'm not sure what's causing this, but I don't think it's php's fault. Though, maybe something's wrong with configs, idk

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  4. alllexx

    alllexx Reformed Router Member

    Ok, I got owncloud 7.0.2 to work. It turned out that optware's pcre was flawed. I'll upgrade binaries, give some instructions and post sources in a new thread sometime soon :)

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