OSPF in Alchemy 5.4a vs Satori 3.0G

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by PacoSS, Nov 2, 2004.

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    We have a free wireless community with 14 Linksys WRT54G working with Satori 4.0G stable, WDS and OSPF routing ( as shown in http://www.sveasoft.com/modules/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=748&highlight=ospf).

    Last weekend, I've upgrade my AP to Alchemy 5.4a and I was surprised about the difference of the OSPF section. It is more easy to setup in Alchemy, but ... It doesn't work, I mean, it doesn't get the router automatically as in Satori does.

    So finally I've setup two static routes to my 2 neighbors using the *working* WDS ip's , and it doesn't work at all. When i see the routes (in the web new option or using route -n via telnet) they simply aren't.

    If I log in the box via ssh, I can add them perfectly (ie: route add -net 10.-35.121.0/27 gw, and then they works, but I can ping the rest of the network (14-2 = 12 AP's) cause the routes doesn't propagate like Satori does.

    Also, the WRT54g stop to act like a router: the WAN (internet) port, connected to my home lan and configured with a static ip gw works inside the WRT54G box (i can ping google perfectly, wget, ...) but not for the wireless clients (neither WDS links).

    If I change OSPF to GateWay mode, it works perfectly, but I miss the fantastic OSPF function.

    Some data from my configuration:

    Wireless: (

    route -n
    Kernel IP routing table
    Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface U 0 0 0 wds0.2 U 0 0 0 wds0.3 U 0 0 0 br0 U 0 0 0 vlan1 U 0 0 0 lo UG 0 0 0 vlan1

    Thanks in advance ;)
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    if the problem is alchemy then try asking that in the alchemy pre release forums m8. it is still a pre release so expect bugs.

    this is the satori firmware forums of which it looks like it works for you.
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