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Outdoor 200mW WRT54G case or enclosure

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by viejo, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. viejo

    viejo Network Guru Member

    Does anybody have any experience with using a commercial outdoor case for a WRT54G running at high power? I am planning an installation close to the sea (300 yards), and don't have the time/skills to build one. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance :(
  2. simax

    simax Network Guru Member

    Wow. Scary (on my experiennce).

    First of all you need a completely waterproof case. Not even when you are close to the sea is a must for outdoors, so imagine in your case.

    Now, the second problem is that at 250mW (which probably is not what I would recommend) your unit is going to get quite hot. But still, you can't use a fan to circulate some air and cool it, because (again, based on my experience) it would get very humid and eventually it would kill the WRT54G.

    I hate to sound pesimistic but it's not easy to work with this hardware close to the sea. Humidity, salt (corrosion) and technology don't mix well :cry:

    I would eventually look at:

    1. Larger antennae/gain for a lower power output (which equals less heat. Longer unit life and less maintenance visits)
    2. Modded units with passive cooling, like large heat dissipation by copper, etc.
    3. A completely water-proof case with GREAT sealing.
    4. Protected case location (on the shade or covered to some extent)

    Good luck and let us know! (pics are great too) ;)


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