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Overclock RT-N66?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by The Doctor, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. The Doctor

    The Doctor LI Guru Member

    I've got an RT-N66 router, currently running Shibby's latest Tomato-K26USB-1.28.RT-N5x-MIPSR2-097-VPN-64K.

    I'm considering upgrading my internet to 150/65, and Verizon actually over-provisions a bit :) Running with 1 upload & 1 download stream (between 2 computer with gigabit ethernet) I'm getting about 215-216Mb average (total), just barely adequate for published speed.

    I would like to attempt an overclock, it always works great on my WRT54G-TM and improved speed by amount of overclock. I always used the CPU speed selector in Tomato, but it's not in this build.

    What are the commands to use? I would search, but there won't be an answer to the next question, so had to post anyway.

    I seem to recall with WRT54G router there were only certain valid frequencies that the CFE would accept. Would anyone know what those frequencies might be for the RT-N66?

    Yes, I know that overclocking may result in instability, damage, or even complete bricking of my router. I still want to try.

  2. fearz

    fearz Serious Server Member

    I'd like to know that as well...
  3. ryzhov_al

    ryzhov_al Addicted to LI Member

    $ nvram set clkfreq=600,300,150
    $ nvram commit && reboot
    where 600 (MHZ) is CPU freq, 300 - memory freq, 150 - backplane bus work frequency. This is by default.
    You may not to point all three frequencies, just point first and two others will be adjusted automagically. For example:
    $ nvram set clkfreq=450
    $ nvram commit && reboot
    will cool down your router by ~4°C.
    Some routers (i.e. Asus wl500gp1, RT-N16) are not using maximal frequency from SoC datasheet, but not ours. Broadcom BCM4706 CPU in RT-N66u works at highest allowed frequency - 600MHz.
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  4. ryzhov_al

    ryzhov_al Addicted to LI Member

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  5. M0g13r

    M0g13r LI Guru Member

    works like a charm
    rt-n66u @ 663 mhz
    nice :)

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