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pc crash after installing WMP54GX driver

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by kevin1984, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. kevin1984

    kevin1984 Network Guru Member

    just bought a linksys WMP54GX for $119 and i'm having problems. i install the driver from the cd first and everything went smoothly. it told me to restart the pc but i click no because i gotta shut down the pc to install the adapter. so i shut down and turn off the power supply and install the adapter. then i push the power switch on the back of my case near the power supply and suddenly the pc turns on without me hitting the power button on the front...wtf... it scare the crap out of me. sadly nothind shows up on the monitor when the pc power on by itself. In other words, the monitor didn't even turn on..the monitor just remain in sleep mode like normally. i hit the switch behind the case to shut it down and wait 2 min. i hit the switch in the back again and it turns on and did the same things. i can see all the fans are on, the cpu fan are on, the green light from the mobo is on and i didn't hear the hard drive making anysound or any boot sound. this is soo freaking weird. any help would be great

    my system spec....

    atholon 64 3200
    1gb cosair memory
    windows xp sp2 home ed.
    120gb western digital HD
    Geforce 6600 gt

    never had any problem before installing the linksys driver and i'm positive the power supply is still good.
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    How did you turn off the power supply? Did you disconnect the power cord? Most PCs do not shut down all power to the motherboard. The motherboard is still powered partially, when you powered it down. In addition there are capacitors in the power supply that remain charged for a few minutes after you remove power from the power supply.
    Did you ground yourself before opening the computer case and touching any of the insides of the computer. You may have applied a static charge to the motherboard and damaged the motherboard.
    The computer may have detected the new PCI device and powered itself up without you pressing the front on off switch. I would disconnect the power cord, wait ten minutes and remove the WMP54GX from the computer. Reconnect the power cord. Boot the computer in safe mode without networking and remove the driver, or if you had a restore point before installing the driver restore the machine back to its restore point. Then restart the machine and establish a new before restore point. Start the wizard again and install the driver, Power the machine down and disconnect the power cord and wait ten minutes and install the WMP54GX again. Reconnect the power cord and restart the machine.
    My PC has a PCI to PCMCIA card bus adpater and if I insert my WPC54GX4, the machine will turn itself on.
  3. kevin1984

    kevin1984 Network Guru Member

    thx for the reply. i did ground myself before touching it. before i install the adapter/card, i turn off the power switch behind the power supply and also unhook the power cord. this morning i took everything apart and put it back together after an hour. but same problem occurs. i hit the power switch in the back of the power supply and the pc automatically turn on without having to press the power button in front. but nothing show up on the monitor. the harddrive is not on and the cd drive in not power on. but everything else seem on like all the fans.
  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Are you getting any beeps from your computer? Some motherboards beep if there is a problem. Are all the cards firmly seated in the motherboard? Did you remove the WMP54G, when you put the computer back together? A device driver will not prevent the computer from starting to boot. The BIOS in the motherboard controls the first part of the boot process. The hard drives spin up, when they get power and they are on a different connector than the motherboard. Can you disconnect the power and measure the voltage supplied to the hard drive. You should get five volts and twelve volts. Sounds like a power supply problem. or a short somewhere.
  5. kevin1984

    kevin1984 Network Guru Member

    finally i found out the problem. it seem that my motherboard was bad and so i replace it with a new mobo and everythings boot up good.

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