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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by dadaniel, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. dadaniel

    dadaniel Network Guru Member

    Avenger20, you have replaced the ping and tracert buttons from the linksys firmware and added a console instead........ that's ok, but there's one thing:

    If I ping over console, I can't stop the pings!
    Is it possible to include the 2 buttons from the original in your next release?
  2. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    Used all the ping code for the command shell, but I will see if I can add these 2 buttons back :wink:

    If I do a ping I will get only 1 response, are you sure your ping doesn't stop after one?
  3. dadaniel

    dadaniel Network Guru Member

    The window shows only one response, but I notice continuously network traffic on the pinged computer.

    If I reboot the router, the network traffic stops!
  4. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    "ping -c 1" could work. Then it will only ping once.
    If you forgot "-c 1" you can always type "killall ping" and this will kill the ping.

    I'll see if I can fix this in next HyperWRT.
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