Please Help about QoS for NetWork LoadBalancing FTP / File Server

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by dangkim, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. dangkim

    dangkim Networkin' Nut Member

    Dear All,
    In enclosed the document talked about my Network Diagram. (
    The document is Vietnamese, let me explain:

    - We have 2 kind of User, Advance User and Basic User.
    + User will upload/download to/from FTP server through address:​
    + Each User has own Home Directory, mean Advance User will list a directory on FileServer1 ( Computer, Windows 2008) and Basic User works on FileServer2 ( Computer, Windows 2008)​
    + Actually we configured Network LoadBalancing FTP clustering (using windows 2008) and the address of them is FTP1.nlblab.local- and FTP2.nlblab.local- The virtual ip address of loadbalancing is​

    * The problem of my company: Please make 80% bandwidth for Advance User and 20% bandwidth for Basic User using QoS. (of course we are applying tomato/linksys wrt54gl)
    * BTW, in fact, if we don't user QoS, how can we make Advance User down load/up load faster Basic User.

    I tried step by step of but It don't match my problem.

    Please help me and thank you in advance,

    Trung Nguyen.
  2. backwoodsman

    backwoodsman LI Guru Member

    I think you could do this very easily with the Bandwidth Limiter. It's much simpler than QoS.

    From the router's point of view, your servers are the clients. DLRate/ULRate are guaranteed minimums for each client; set them to 80% of your bandwidth for FileServer1, and 20% for FileServer2. DLCeil/ULCeil (ceil=ceiling) are the maximum rate allowed; set both servers at 95%-100% of bandwidth, so both Advanced and Basic users can use all the bandwidth when the other is using none.
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