Please help. I'm having linksys issues

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GabbeeGirl_006, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. I'm having allot of problems with no one to give me answers. here goes. I have a desk top computer with vista for my windows. I live in the country and want to get my other desk top (XP) online. I connect to the internet using AT&T wireless card with an antenna on my roof. What do I need to make my other computer compatible with my wireless air card so I can connect my other computer to the internet? I bought a Linksys system but it is calling for hook up to dsl or cable for which I don't have either of. Does anyone know what I need to make this happen without buying a second wireless air card at $65.00 a month. I just don't have the extra funds to support it. ty so much for your time. Gabbee in Idaho
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    Gabbee, we need some more info before we can offer any help. I'll post some questions, but please give any additional info you may have.

    1) How is this AT&T wireless card connected to your Vista Computer?
    Does it plug into a network card in the Vista machine - a little plug looking much like a telephone plug, but a bit bigger, with 8 little wires/copper strips inside it.
    Or does it connect via USB - a flat plug with 4 copper strips.
    Or does the card itself sit in the Vista computer, and just the antenna wire runs from the computer to the roof antenna.

    2) This "Linksys system" that you got - what is it? If it's a litlle black and blue box, there should be a model number on it - usually on the front, something like WRTxxxx or so. Did you get anything else with the "system".

    3) Does your XP computer have a network card in it? A card with a hole for a little telephone like looking plug with 8 wires/copper strips inside.

    4) In Vista, go to a command prompt, then type
    ipconfig -all
    then copy all that text, and paste it here.
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