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Please help! I've just killed my WAP54G :(

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by f1ujt, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. f1ujt

    f1ujt Guest


    I wanna install mustdie firmware on my WAP54G v2. The firm was 2.08. I toggle the "downgrade option" to disable, and i start by "downgrading" to 2.07 from linksys.

    It seems to be downgraded ok, but wifi isnt working, and i cannont connetc to the wap since the downgrade.

    I have only POWER red led on, and LINK orange led flashing.

    Please help !

    Many thanks.

    Sylvain "F1UJT"
  2. Xpl0d3

    Xpl0d3 Network Guru Member

    have you done a reset on the AP?
  3. bimbobo

    bimbobo Network Guru Member

    ..same problem, the act led is off and that means the AP is dead...
    I posted today in general forum, but i can see I should have posted here..ups :sadbye:
  4. Tiva

    Tiva Network Guru Member

    if u have any access try to upgrade it again to v2.08 , see what will happen !?
  5. droky

    droky Network Guru Member

    you can debrick it with jtag

    You can debrick it with a jtag cord and the linux software wrt54g.c with modifications in wrt54g.h file before compilation. I supose that wholeflash start on wap54g is 0x1fc00000 and the length is 200000h (it's a 1Mbx16 flash chip total 2Mbytes). And the another thing that you need is a wholeflash backup from another linksys wap54G obtained with the same method and after you must change the AP MAC addres before program it into flash . I haven't a wholeflash backup, because my wap54g EU version 2.0 is bricked and nobody have a wholeflash backup of them. :thumbdown:
    If you obtain a wholeflash backup, please send me a copy to debrick my AP.

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