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Please - Just Need to know if possible ???

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by apb80882004, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. apb80882004

    apb80882004 LI Guru Member


    I have WRG54GL attached to Bellsouth on the Wan-side - actually my neighbors does "Site A" and we alternate the billing.

    From site B - I connect fine with laptops and PCs.

    From Site A to Site B - we cannot get a cable through immediately - gonna take awhile - two long as a matter of fact

    I just switched over to Vonage - I need an ethernet port to plug up blah blah stuff in Site B.

    Okay - I have a DLINK Adsl and a Microsoft Adsls router.

    Is there anyway to trick one or both them - in Site B - into being an Access Point that connects to Site A - the WRG54GL that has the Internet Wan Connection.

    I got the routers pinging each other - but it appears that Site B LAN side will not route back to to PC blah blah

    Any ideas - or shoot the horse immediately - would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks any quick info will end my dillustons on this one.
  2. apb80882004

    apb80882004 LI Guru Member

    Hang on help is on its - a tiny voice in my head said

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