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Please recommend a setup

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by L3kris, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. L3kris

    L3kris Guest

    In my block, we have a wireless LAN with the sole purpose of providing internet.
    In my own appartment I would like to make my own little wireless LAN, which should of course connect to the other, bigger WLAN.
    In my own WLAN, I would like to have VoIP (using a Danish provider, www.goip.dk). I have been told to connect to the bigger WLAN with a WET54G. But what next?

    My own suggestion was WRT54GP2 (and WPS54G for print server), since I have both a stationary PC with WUSB54G and a Centrino laptop.
    The setup would thus be: Inet <--> WET54G <--> WRT54GP2 <--> Phone/PC/laptop.

    However, I have been told that this might create too many hops and that I may get trouble with the routing.
    Instead I have been suggested Inet <--> WET54G <--> some switch <--> some VoIP-adapter (like PAP2). By this, I lose the wireless functionality, and the price is pretty much the same!

    Would do you guys think of my own setup vs. the second one? Ideas, comments?

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