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Pls. Help! WDS does not work, ALINK RR24 AP(i+)/ LINKSYS WRT54G

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by tosion, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. tosion

    tosion Guest

    Please Help! I wanted to extend my working Wireless modem A-LINK (Road Runner 24AP i+) with one extrra LINKSYS wireless router WRT54G.

    I have loaded Tomato firmwire to Linksys because my version did not support WDS.

    My configuration is as follows

    1: A-LINK

    -Basically only thig I have added to this working unit is: WDS enabled and MAC address of LINKSYS has been loaded to A-LINK.
    -also we have here same SSID, Channel and WEP as in LINKSYS
    -LAN IP

    2. Linksys


    Type = Disabled

    IP Address =
    Default Gateway = (the 1st router's IP address)
    Static DNS = (the 1st router's IP address or any DNS server)
    DHCP Server = Disabled (the 1st router handles it)

    Wireless Mode = Access Point + WDS
    SSID = same as A-LINK
    Channel = same as A-LINK
    Security = WEP
    Shared Key = same as A-LINK
    WDS = Link With
    MAC Address = MAC address of A-LINK

    -> Just does not work .....

    What to do?

    r: Tosion

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