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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Aug 14, 2005.

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    I flashed my wrt54g yesterday with FreemanBasic_V1.0.4_wrt54g and everything was beautiful but this morning, after bittorrent had dl all night the internet suddently stoped working.
    i restarted the router a couple of times but no luck.. then i saw that the power button on the linksys was flashing constantly and i cant reset it..
    what can i do??

  2. scav_engr

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    If you have a blinking grn power light, this means the router having a problem and won't boot, etc. I just had this on a BEFSR41 router, it happened one day last week, no explanation why, the firmware was upgraded the week before- but the grn power light blinking was all I had.

    I couldn't ping the router, there was no ip with the router, the router went toast. I couldn't flash it, and every hard reset did not fix the router. I had to buy a new router with no explanation of 'why' this router I had died. I had it 16 months- outside of the year waranty, and I really can't say if your firmware upgrade had anything to do with it, it shouldn't have because after it worked even if one night. I didn't think my upgrade hurt mine, it was at least long- two weeks the firmware was upgraded and working for me.

    I was pretty bummed out to have a dead no explanation device in my hands, then to find out I was out of warranty to have to replace the router.

    Hope you can get that thing to boot, find an ip for it, try to reflash the bios in it, anything other than you just might have a dead router on ur hands if you can't 'talk' to it.

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