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Port 443 forwarding fails

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by supertux, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. supertux

    supertux Network Guru Member

    Hi everybody!

    I bought the router WRT54GC (Firmware Version: v1.02.9) and I installed it. I had no problems with it and I am using the router for about 4 weeks.

    Before I bought the router I had a ADSL connection and run on my Gentoo machine Apache2 on port 80 and I had a SSL running apache on port 443.

    I configured my system so that the router ( does not give me an ip, because my machina has a static ip ( On the router configuration menu "Applications & Gaming" I added:
    App name    Start ~ End port   Protocol    To Ip ad.          Enable
    web                80 ~ 80              TCP/UPD     yes
    ssl                 443 ~443            TCP/UDP     yes
    Normal HTTP request on http://supertux.homelinux.org are forwarded and the link functions. But when I want to access through https (https://supertux.homelinux.org) then the domain is not found, I think the request is not forwarded, and I don't understand why not.
    On a debian machina I gave "telnet supertux.homelinux.org 80" and then I got the HTML content, but when I do "telnet supertux.homelinux.org 443" and then type in "^]" then nothing happens.

    I know that SSL works on my machine because I have access through https on localhost.

    Why doesn't my https function? What must I do?

  2. supertux

    supertux Network Guru Member


    :sad: does really nobody knows what's wrong with my configuration? Am I the only one on the world with this problem? :sad:

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