Port Forwarding to different ports - how to?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jbourne, May 21, 2005.

  1. jbourne

    jbourne Network Guru Member

    Hey all,

    Forgive me if this is an obvious question, but I can't seem to find an obvious solution for it.

    I need to forward ports. But I don't need to do port 80 external (WAN side) -> port port 80 internal (LAN side); I need to mix and match. For instance, since my work firewall blocks everything except Web-related ports, I want to forward port 8007 (external) to 3389 (internal) on my LAN to access Remote Desktop.

    However, I cannot find any feature like this on the stock 54G firmware, nor on 4.0 beta, HyperWRT or DD-WRT. Am I missing something obvious?

    Any help appreciated.


  2. rdhw

    rdhw Network Guru Member

    The feature you want is supported in the UPnP forwarding table. Thus it can be set up from any Windows XP PC which is a client of the router.
  3. jbourne

    jbourne Network Guru Member

    I see. How can I do that, though? I have no idea how UPnP works...
  4. rdhw

    rdhw Network Guru Member

    In control panel "Network Connections", right click the "Internet Connection" icon (might have been renamed in your PC) (under "Internet Gateway" group), select "Properties". Click "Settings" and "Add" the mapping you want.
  5. jbourne

    jbourne Network Guru Member


    Hmm .. I don't have such a connection at all - I just have a Local Area Connection. Is there something special I should do to get it? I tried creating a new connection, Connect to Internet, Broadband or LAN, and it didn't create anything like that.

    Any help appreciated!


  6. rdhw

    rdhw Network Guru Member

    In the router configuration, ensure that you have enabled UPnP, in Administration/Management.

    In Windows Firewall, ensure that you have enabled the Exception for "UPnP Framework".
  7. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    And if you also have software firewall such as zonealarm you need to either enable upnp through its interface, disable the firewall or in my case uninstall the firewall (CA EZ Armor based on old cut-down zonealarm the truevector service does not go away if you only disable the GUI) - see also the thread in this forum "Internet Gateway keeps dissappearing" Some people regards UPNP as a security threat although I haven't heard of many hacking exploits that use it (there was a vulnerability which linksys patched some time ago on wired routers)
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