Port Triggering in Freeman 1.04

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by WillJitsu, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. WillJitsu

    WillJitsu Network Guru Member

    Is anyone else having trouble getting Port Triggering to work properly in Freeman 1.04? I am trying to setup port triggering for port 113 (ident) for mIRC. I have the trigger port range set at 6660 - 7000 and the forwarded range from 113 - 113. When I try to connect to a server in mIRC, it says "*** No Ident response." I know I had this working fine with the official Linksys firmware. Any ideas?
  2. PacoBell

    PacoBell Network Guru Member

    Cause it was broken in 1.0.4. Talisman 1.0.5 fixes this:

    Hopefully, FreemanBasic 1.0.5 should be along shortly. HTH.
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