Power Adapter Specifications for WRT54G v 2.2 & v3

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by nels0360, May 14, 2005.

  1. nels0360

    nels0360 Network Guru Member

    Question for all you WRT54G v. 2.2 & 3.0 users out there.

    What is the output rating on your power adapter's label? Please let me know what version of the router you have and it's output voltage (V) and current (mA). Thanks.
  2. aaronamd

    aaronamd Network Guru Member

    Version 2.2 has a power output of=12volts DC at 1000milli-amps
    I can run it perfectly fine on 800millie-amps though( I don't like to) if it's running from a battery.
  3. nels0360

    nels0360 Network Guru Member

    Thanks. For some reason, I got a v.2.2 router with a 500 mA output. The router does work with it, but I'm going to return it for the proper adapter.
  4. aaronamd

    aaronamd Network Guru Member

    thats really odd, does it work well?
  5. nels0360

    nels0360 Network Guru Member

    i just set it up. It works, but I don't know if it works well quite yet. The package was unsealed when I bought it at office depot. I did so because it was the last of the v. 2.2. I'll just go out and get a v. 3 with the proper adapter and use that
  6. aaronamd

    aaronamd Network Guru Member

    I've heard version 3s give alot of people problems...
  7. nels0360

    nels0360 Network Guru Member

    Yeah..that's why I'm just going to exchange the power adapter.
  8. davidsonf

    davidsonf Network Guru Member

    You definitely want to return that one!

    The Usenet newgroup alt.internet.wireless has had a couple of discussions about power for the WRT54G, and Jeff Liebermann did a definitive bit of testing with a lab supply. Here is the table he posted (for a WRT54G v1.1):

    __Volts_Amps__Watts (receive)

    Assuming your wall wort is a 12 vdc model, at 500mA it is huffing and puffing. In continuous service it probably won't last, even assuming a WRT54G v2.2 may draw a little less current.

    Regardless of that, it is nice to note that the units do have a pretty versatile little switching power supply that can, for example, be powered directly from a car battery. The maximum voltage is a matter of what the capacitors can handle, and the minimum is about 3.5 vdc because the actual operating voltage is 3.3 vdc. Even a little 6 vdc motorcycle battery or something similar could handle it very well.
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