Power LED flashing after aborted flash-attempt

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by super_gtb, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. super_gtb

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    I had some dd-wrt firmware on my wrt54GL, and for some stupid reasons I already forgot, I just wanted to flash another version of dd-wrt onto it.

    So I went to "firmware upgrade" via the dd-wrt menu, and chose the new .bin file to upload.

    After some minutes (5-10), I saw that there was still flashing the power led, and the SES button was active. So I damn chose to reboot it by removing the power cord and plugging it in again.

    Since then, the power LED doesn't stop flashing and I don't get an IP by DHCP.

    I can ping it when I assign a static IP, but the web interface doesn't work, and several tries to upload another firmware via 'command>tftp -i put' or with the original linksys tftp-tool failed with timeouts.

    U got any ideas what I can do, except buying a new one? :thumbdown:
  2. danix71

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  3. super_gtb

    super_gtb Addicted to LI Member

  4. CaNsA

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    did it work?
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