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PPTP ISP-Connection and VPN Trouble

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by sh_wrt, May 5, 2005.

  1. sh_wrt

    sh_wrt Network Guru Member

    Hi all,

    I'm an new WRT user with average IT knowhow. Anyone out there who can help me?

    1) I use my WRT to connect my private network to my ISP via PPTP authentification.
    I am, having multiple problems around that:

    2) I want to tunnel VPN on that connection. This also does not work.

    Used WRT and Firmware:
    Tried WRT54g V2.0 and V2.2, Linksys original FW and DDWRT#22 prefinal 3.2 and 4.
    All behaved in the same manner.

    My ISP requires PPTP/VPN-Connection and is optimized for Windows Clients to connect to the internet. I want the WRT(not my clients) to authenticate.
    I found out that I have to delete (using telnet) 'noccp' in /tmp/ppp/options
    and set rc_startup accordingly to have noccp deleted at each reboot automatically.
    Aditionally the WRT only connects to ISP successfully when I disable all VPN-paththroughs.
    Anyone out there who can tell my how to manage that without using telnet?
    Can / will this options be implemented in html-setup-pages within the next weeks?
    How to adress this to the developers of DD-WRT firmware?

    Having managed WRT-PPTP-Connection it is no longer possible to have myremote-office-client connect to my company. It makes sense - remember VPN-paththroughs are all disabled!
    I tried as workaround to set port forwarding (1723 TCP and 500 UDP) but this doesn't help.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for replys!

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