PPTP PPPoA Realay support in DD-WRT

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by humsafar, May 3, 2005.

  1. humsafar

    humsafar Network Guru Member


    I have a WRT54G router behind a Speed touch pro Alcatel modem. At present i am using Hyperwrt and have tried linksys and sveasoft firmwares. I want to swith from PPPoE to PPPoA using my Speed touch as a PPTP relay.

    I have done this with HyperWRT but the DDNS client does not report the ip recived by the PPTP client. From other posts on the forum i have gathered that the PPTP client only seems to work on the official linksys firmware and HyperWrt, but not fully it seems. I think the problem is to make it work i have to set my IP to and this is what DDNS reports to the dyndns server. My ADSL modem has the default ip of

    Can anyone advise if they have got DD-WRT setup with PPTP connection to there ISP??

    Also the MTU i get in this setup is 1460, as i reported in another thread previously i had the same modem setup with a IPCoP box and PPtp client it woudl achive 1500MTU. I have also tested my setting up a PC with on its NIC and directly connected to ADSL Spped Touch (set as pptp relay) and use the VPN client on XP to connect to the ISP this also gives MTU 1500. Not sure why WRT54g is geting less.

    Appreciate any help..

  2. humsafar

    humsafar Network Guru Member

    Anyone out there now what i am on about.. or is it just too confusing.. Hope someone can help.

    Perhaps the author of DD-WRT brainslayer do you have any helpfull info on this..
  3. kgbecker

    kgbecker Network Guru Member

    PPTP client with DD-WRT V22-prefinal4

    I have the PPTP client working with DD-WRT V22-prefinal4 but had to tweak the config file /tmp/ppp/options. I had to remove the noccp option, which is in there by default in order to be able to connect to a Windows PPTP box. According to Project VOLANS this option disables MPPE parameter exchange, which is why I believe a connection to a Microsoft PPTP server cannot be established.
    My network setup looks like this:

    PCs <-> WRT54GS w/ DD-WRT <-> WAP54G Client Mode <-> WAP54G AP <-> MS VPN Server

  4. humsafar

    humsafar Network Guru Member

    I am not sure this is the same.

    my setup.

    <<ADSL Modem>>------------------------<<WRT54G>>
    PPTP Relay mode----------------------------PPTP client

    Set the WRT54G to PPTP under setup and set its IP as
    Set the ADSL modem as PPTP relay.

    This works with Hyperwrt and linksys firmware, however you the MTU is < 1492 it should be 1500. Also the DDNS client report as the IP address rather than the one provided to the pptp client. The same method using an IPCop box was what i was using previously and it works perfectly at 1500 MTU.

    In one of the other threads someone mentioned the PPTP client in this methods works only in Linksys and Hyperwrt firmwares. At that time i had satori and it did not work , it woudl not connect at all. But when i loaded Hyperwrt it worked but with above mentioned short commings in MTU and DDNS.

    I have readl on ADSLguide uk forums that people have Alchemey firmware working with this method. So i am wondering if DD-WRT prefinal 4 will do the trick.
  5. humsafar

    humsafar Network Guru Member


    Hello anyone using the PPTP method to connect succesfully from WRT54G to there ISP via an ADSL Modem or direct WAN link.
    1. What MTU are you geting?
    2. What is your reportef IP on the DDNS screen?

    Thanks please help..
  6. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Network Guru Member

    Re: PPTP client with DD-WRT V22-prefinal4

    can you please elaborate on the tweek to the pptp client?
    i am having problems with connecting a cable modem with pptp to the wrt54g with DD-WRT.

    if i reset to factory defaults and reconfigure, it will work. but after a few dissconnections it will no longer be able to connect.

    i guess its because of the noccp on the /tmp/ppp/options
    i found the file but could not understand how to save the chnges...

    can you please explain in more details what you changed and how?

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