PPTP to ISP known to fail?

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by grem, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. grem

    grem Network Guru Member

    Using Satori 4.0g, I'm having troubles connecting to my ISP, DE Jazzd. They appear to be one of the few United States DSL ISPs to use PPTP authentication.

    The strange past is that the Linksys 2.04.4 firmware works fine. But I continue to have problems using BitTorrent with the Linksys firmware. I'm hoping that Satori would help that problem through its ability to increase the number of connections and descrease the connection timeout length.

    Any ideas for me? Anyone else using Satori, or any other 3rd party firmware to connect to their ISP using PPTP?
  2. grem

    grem Network Guru Member

    OK, some good news. I got HyperWRT's 1.3 firmware working with PPTP by setting the MTU to auto which is presently using a value of 1500. Of course that doesn't mean the same will work for Satori. But it might!

    At the moment I'm hesitant to mess with the router since it's working but I'll screw up the courage sometime to test this setting with Satori. When I do, I'll update this thread with the results.
  3. atzplzw

    atzplzw Network Guru Member

    I didn't get PPTP to work with Satori. I followed the instructions which where used for Alchemy but sadly they didn't work for me.

    I think we have to wait until Alchemy is public...

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