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privoxy and hyperwrt , why error 503

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by g412b, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. g412b

    g412b Network Guru Member

    ok, i have been experimenting a bit with the openwrt packages to get them running under hyperwrt.

    1st i tried the irc bouncer miau wich works flawless under hyperwrt (to bad miau wasnt compiled with all functions in it, i would like to see someone compile psybnc for mips)
    but enough of that

    Next in line was privoxy http://nthill.free.fr/openwrt/tracker/packages/show.php?id=1663

    So i downloaded it put all the config files and templates nicely kept in directories, chmoded the executable (700) and modified the config file so the listen adres = and changed the config dir
    i also added a localhost entry in the /etc/hosts file so i wouldnt get any terminal error messages
    then i ran privoxy with a parameter refering to the right location of the config file
    after i ran it i checked with ps it was in the background, and so it was
    then on a machine in the network i configured the proxy to
    but then the joy ended
    I was able to open the config page of privoxy but as soon i visited an outside world link (ex: www.google.com) it gave me a privoxypage (not a standard brower error) with error 503 on it with the error "Connect failed

    Your request for http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=11118&atid=211118 could not be fulfilled, because the connection to sourceforge.net (unknown) could not be established." and so on

    Anyone can explain me how to solve this ?
    whats causing this problem ?

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