privoxy and hyperwrt , why error 503

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by g412b, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. g412b

    g412b Network Guru Member

    ok, i have been experimenting a bit with the openwrt packages to get them running under hyperwrt.

    1st i tried the irc bouncer miau wich works flawless under hyperwrt (to bad miau wasnt compiled with all functions in it, i would like to see someone compile psybnc for mips)
    but enough of that

    Next in line was privoxy

    So i downloaded it put all the config files and templates nicely kept in directories, chmoded the executable (700) and modified the config file so the listen adres = and changed the config dir
    i also added a localhost entry in the /etc/hosts file so i wouldnt get any terminal error messages
    then i ran privoxy with a parameter refering to the right location of the config file
    after i ran it i checked with ps it was in the background, and so it was
    then on a machine in the network i configured the proxy to
    but then the joy ended
    I was able to open the config page of privoxy but as soon i visited an outside world link (ex: it gave me a privoxypage (not a standard brower error) with error 503 on it with the error "Connect failed

    Your request for could not be fulfilled, because the connection to (unknown) could not be established." and so on

    Anyone can explain me how to solve this ?
    whats causing this problem ?
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