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~~! Problem with connecting !~Help Pleaseee wmp54GS

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by azNbOi, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. azNbOi

    azNbOi Guest

    Im usin window xp professional , i had trouble installing at first and it only said network controller, install driver yet it said device cannot start, sure some people had problem with that too, i realized that my 56k modem was interfering with the pci card( wmp54GS) so i took it off and now xp can reconized it as a wmp54GS.

    Well i am trying to use my friend dsl. from his house to my house, we are between 2 walls and 1 wooden gate. my freind brung his laptop over to my room and he got very low signal,although is faster then 56k.

    I also had problem with the attena, i had to move it around to get my freind SSID to show up.Anyone know why ?

    I try configuring around with the wireless setup.it says 46% signal ... i could not connect . I can not also acess his router. Am i missing anything ? i am also missing a dhcp for the wireless internet. The farest i seen is that my pc is connected to the main pc my friend had but had no internet. Do i need to go to his router and add my ip or setup anything ?

    Thx alot , any help appreciated

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