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    Hi there guys, excuse me if I ask something that's already answered, but i've search a lot trying to find this but no luck at all.

    Here is my problem:

    My RV042 connects to Internet, Wan port, PPPoE, have te Public IP (189.x.x.x.x).
    My RV042 connects to LAN with IP:
    My Microsoft TMG (Formely known as ISA Server) have the IP
    And My LAN (TMG point of view) is 10.31.1.x/26

    So it's like this: INTERNET<--->RV042<--->TMG<--->LAN

    I need to forward some traffic to TMG, so I've set up an forwarding rule on the RV: Everthing on port XXX (1999) forward it to TMG so TMG can forward to the Acctual host.

    That work'd but RV042 substitute the Destination Address to TMG IP.
    It appears that RV is doind something like DNAT, but TMG Can't understand this When the destination of the Package is TMG address, he drops the connection. I can't forward this on TMG.

    I would like RV to just route the package, so destination would be and TMG would forward it properly.

    Does any of this make sense? Does anyone know what i'm missing?

    PS: RV042 interface does not allow me to forward to the actuall host (cause interface already give me a field half filled, like this 10.31.11.[ ].
    PS2: I have a statis route from to 10.31.1.x and I can succesfuly ping IP's on 10.31.1.x.

    I'm tired of this battle. Please someone help me! :)
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