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Problem with wifi : speed=400 Ko/s between two wifi devices

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by yakety, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. yakety

    yakety Network Guru Member

    I have a problem with my DD-WRT V23 final as I can't have more than 300 Ko/s between two wireless clients, but i have no problems between a wired and a wireless client (1300 Ko/s).

    Is there somebody who can tell me what the problem can be ?
  2. herdwick

    herdwick Network Guru Member

    you only get ~half the speed if you go wireless - WRT - wireless as opposed to wired - WRT - wireless because there is only one radio and it can only do one thing at once.

    With a wired source it can transmit 2x, with a wireless source it has to receive x and transmit x which is a total load also = 2x

    the above would apply with two wireless links at the same speed. If one is slower it may be a bigger constraint.

  3. BrainSlayer

    BrainSlayer Network Guru Member

    in 802.11b i tested up to 650kb/s in 802.11g i got 3200kb/s
    generally the most issues i caused by the signal quality. too less it bad, but too much too. especially if you use a txpwr > 120mw which creates additional noise
  4. yakety

    yakety Network Guru Member

    I know i have half the bandwith with 2 wireless clients.... But it soesn't seem to be half the max speed : 300 Kb...

    I should have at least 650 Kbs, no ???

    Brainslayer : do you have a special config to get 3200 Kb ???!!!??

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