Problems with a wireless computer

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Wireless007, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Wireless007

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    Hey guys, a couple of weeks ago my bros computer got fried from a power surge. He had the main internet like router and all the network connections. They did not get damaged only his computer did. I use wireless linksys, so we share one network. It was all fast and fine until the day my bro got his computer back from the repair shop. I had to wait at least 10 mins to get to this thread. I repaired the connection many times but it goes from 54 mbps to 5.5 mbps 5 seconds later. I would appreciate if you could help. I use WRT54GS router and a regular linksys wireless adapter. The antenna in the back of my computer is fine, and not bent. Also my bros computer is faster than my computer but he still gets slow speed. I also did ipconfig /renew and all that stuff too, still nothing worked, the speed is the same as the last time I did it. Also my bros computer got fried 2 times. ( don't know if that has any relevance ) :)


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