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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jrusi, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. jrusi

    jrusi Network Guru Member


    I've changed firmware in my WRT54G V2.2 from original to ewrt than Alchemy, than open-wrt etc. and again original. And after some time I've lost connection to the internet (static IP). Strange thing is that I can access local addreses of my ISP, I can ping the gateway from computer connected wirelessly and wired to the router, I can ping the gateway from the router but can't ping anything outside. So there is some routing going on from my local network to the ISP net.

    All the settings are ok: ip, gateway, netmask, dns, MAC cloned. I've tried also reseting the router to defaults and didn't work. When I set it up as a client to another AP it works. But in AP mode doesn't. When I connect the internet cable directly to the computer or another AP it works.

    Advance routing is disabled (default values) - used to work before. No firewall on windows client (pinging anything on the net from the router doesn't work also).

    How to fix it? Maby there is some nvram integer responsible for it that was removed or disabled?

  2. will792

    will792 Network Guru Member

    Check your MTU setting on the router. Also I would check tracert where packets stop: tracert . I assume that you can access your ISP DNS servers.
  3. jrusi

    jrusi Network Guru Member

    Tracert doesn't even strart :( And DNS looks like not working also. When I check outgoing traffic everything looks ok. But there is no incomming traffic at all. Whent I use ping it doesn't even shows: pinging [yahoo ip address].

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