PVC2300 Bandwidth Configuration

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by atk57, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. atk57

    atk57 Guest

    Currently have 2 PVC2300 webcams hooked PoE to a Cisco Express 500 switch. Does anyone know of a way to configure the camera's bandwidth down to a minimal setting. We have tried limiting number of "viewers", but that hasn't worked. Cisco says the 500 will only support 10 meg half on an interface as the "lowest" setting. Unable to chat or link up with anyone at Linksys for their take on this. We are currently running a 3 meg pipe that speed tests at 2.8 down and about 768 up. Figure a throttle down on the camera side would be best if it will do it. Thanks.
  2. utedog

    utedog Network Guru Member

    I would imagine you just go into the camera config, go to the Audio/Video section then the Video page. From there you can change the resolution, frame rate and video quality (which obviously affects bandwidth). The PVC2300 also hase QoS and CoS settings you can configure, but I dont really know anything about them... Hope this helps.
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