QoS does not seem to be working w/ Alchemy

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by lobo, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. lobo

    lobo Network Guru Member

    I upgraded my router the other night to Alchemy from Satori and this time I decided to play around with the QoS section. I thought it was pretty straightforward but I'm starting to wonder if I've incorrectly configured it. I gave express priority to http, https, html and bulk to bittorrent. Nothing else. However when running four torrents simultaneously (using BitSpir program) and trying to browse web pages it's just next to impossible. The sites load up extremely slow and it's as if I have no QoS enabled at all.

    I have set my upload to 720 and download to 4500 since I'm on a 800/5000 cable connection. Running WinXP SP2. This not only affects my machine running the torrent program but the wife's laptop suffers from slow browsing too. Any ideas? Are there more settings I should enable in the router to get this to work properly?


  2. dice

    dice Network Guru Member

    what version is your router? and qos worked fine with satori?
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    try setting BT to Bulk only. leave the rest out.
  4. lobo

    lobo Network Guru Member

    Version of the router is 2.0 and with Satori it did seem to work. I just turned on QoS, set the up/down values and that was it. I recall being able to browse fairly well with it while using bittorrent.

  5. lobo

    lobo Network Guru Member

    Tried it just now and it didn't seem to make a difference.

  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    did you reboot router?

    Try unsing a lower upload limit as your's is somewht high 90% of your bandwitdth for upload would most likely affect download / browser limits.

    I have also read somewhere the max limit for the router to handles was somewhere near 5mb.

    try leaving the download limit blank.

    and reboot router
  7. lobo

    lobo Network Guru Member

    At first I didn't reboot but afterwards I did. I even did a reset on the router and re-entered all my previous values but it's still functioning the same. Just tried lowering the upload limit to 70% but it made no difference.

    I'm going to try reverting back to Satori and seeing if it makes any difference. If it does then something wacky is going on with Alchemy. I'll post my results.

  8. lobo

    lobo Network Guru Member

    Ok, I think I figured things out a bit. I reverted back to Satori but I was still experiencing the same slugglishness. I decided to use Azereus for my bittorrent client instead of BitSpirit and things were definitely better. Browsing was much more fluid. I then upgraded back to Alchemy and have only bittorrent with "bulk" as the classification and browsing is working perfectly. So it seems like it all depends on the client of bittorrent that you're using if you want torrent traffic to be labelled as bulk. Thoughts?

  9. _Shorty

    _Shorty Network Guru Member

    hmm, was going to ask if you've applied the winxp sp2 patch for concurrent half-open connections, but that wouldn't affect the laptop that wasn't running bittorrent downloads...might explain some of the problems you see on the machine that is running the bittorrent downloads though.
  10. voipy

    voipy Guest

    i think this doesnt have anything to do with the router and firmware but with bitspirit. ive seen this problem even when conecting my computer directly to the dsl port.
    My setup is XPsp2 (with connection patch), sygate pro firewall, norton corporate, netlimiter.
    Bitspirit does not use up much of the processor, nor does the firewall. But even when the torrents barely take up 16kb of my 512 total download, all my other programs have a hard time getting out. Messenger keeps disconnecting, pages time out, etc.
    If I had to guess Id say it has to do with the connections. Maybe to many connections are causing a small denial of service attack or something like that.
    I just downloaded azureus to see if the same thing happens...i'll keep you posted.
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