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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by rscosworth, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. rscosworth

    rscosworth Guest

    Ok guys,

    Im having some problems deciding on how to run my QOS on my 54GL running the lovely tomato firmware...

    I have the following machines on my network 54GL connected to 10mb network 54GL WDS to Server downloading using utorrent p2p Laptop for browsing/youtube/mail Laptop for work, VPN, browsing/mail Laptop for browsing/mail (hardly used) Laptop through WDS for browsing/mail (hardly used) PS3 for online gaming

    What i would like to be able to do is use Robert "Robson" Mytkowski generator as it seems pretty easy to use but im unsure what values i need.

    The Laptops need to be able to browse/email etc at anytime, even if there is a p2p torrent downloading, same for the PS3 as i would like to do some online gaming.

    The server is only used for downloading p2p, nothing else, so that should only be using bandwidth when its available.

    Anyone got any suggestions on what i could do?

    Thanks guys
  2. jersully

    jersully LI Guru Member

    Since torrents are your only bandwidth hogs, I would just just give them lowest priority, and give your PS3 high test to combat lag. Everything else should work itself out. I did the same thing with my torrents and Vonage adapter. Torrents low, Vonage high, and they both work great now.
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