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QoS Problem with Bt & eMule

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by johnny2002, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. johnny2002

    johnny2002 LI Guru Member

    I found it's very slow to browse web site or play internet game when I turn on the eMule or BT.

    How to set up the QoS so that the Bt & eMule don't affect other internet applications too much?

  2. der_Kief

    der_Kief Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    there are several possibilities to realize this. If BT & Mule are on a seperate machine you can classify this machine to 'lowest' class by MAC or IP. If everything (games, browser, BT ...) is on the same machine you can classify BT/Mule traffic by port numbers or L7/IP2P filters to 'lowest' class and the games and Internet applications to 'high' class. Maybe you should use the default QoS setup and only add a rule for your gaming app ! You should also read the QoS threads in the FAQ section :wink:


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